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The C.N.O - Consorzio Nazionale degli Olivicoltori (C.N.O , National Olive Farmers Consortium) is an organization uniting thousands of olive farmers dedicated to growing quality olives. 

Through the years, the C.N.O focused its efforts toward olive - growing and olive oil production in the oil mills.The C.N.O ’s assistance to olive farmers and oil millers covers the whole production chain and even the sale of the final product, leading to the creation of our brand “Terre del SOle”.

In the last 10 years C.N.O has started 80 extra virgin olive oil production chains in the most important areas for olive growing such as Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Abruzzo, lazio, Tuscany, Campania, Umbria and Veneto.Production is organized and monitored by the C.N.O in a partnership with local olive farmers organizations and guarantees a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, dOP, IGP and OrGANIC extra virgin olive oil from certified production chains from bolive groves to olive oil bottling.

Production chain traceability certifications
awarded by CSQA as per ISO 22005/08, require the use of olives guaranteed from certified geographical locations and that the whole production process be strictly and constantly monitored in order to guarantee both the true origin and the safety of our product.

Olive groves monitoring
care and attention to their nutrition and defending them from diseases are ensured by a team of 100 agronomists who monitor the trees and olives throughout the year, producing olives of the highest quality while fully respecting the environment, man and animals alike. The most used agricultural techniques are integrated farming or organic farming.

Our production plants
located all over Italy, employ the most modern technologies to ensure that the mechanical transformation of olives into olive oil, united with storage and bottling procedures, take place in the best possible conditions. 


We continuously monitor process parameters that influence eVO oil nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, especially with the natural anti-oxidants content.

“Terre del Sole” olive oil can be bottled in bottles/cans from 250 to 3.000 ml.Our average yearly production capacity is about 5.000.000 litres of extra virgin oliveoil with certificate of origin that can be bottled in plants with an average capacity between 800 and 5.000 bottles per hour.

Terre del Sole's competitive advantage is the ability to offer a high quality Italian extra Virgin Olive Oil from 7 different Italian regions, guaranteeing the traceability and giving to the customers knowledge and certainty about their purchase.



The traceability of the entire cycle of production of the extra virgin olive oil Terre del Sole, from farm to fork, is certified by the CSQA under UNI EN ISO 22005: 08 standard. The National Consortium of Olive Growers - CNO has built supply chains throughout the country certifying the production and guaranteeing the origin of the product.

The field checks on the olives production, the care taken and the attention paid to proper olive trees nutrition and their defence against pathogens, are provided by a team of 100 agronomists that throughout the year follow the activities in the fields and enable the production of EVO oil of the highest quality, respecting the environment as well as the health of humans and animals. The cultivation techniques used are mostly integrated farming and organic farming.

Production plants on the Italian territory are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure that the mechanical processing of olives into oil, and the storage and packaging of the oil take place under the best conditions, with continuous monitoring of process parameters that impact positively on nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of EVO oil obtained, especially on the content of natural antioxidants bio-phenols.

The Terre del Sole EVO oil can be packaged in bottles or cans of content ranging from 250 ml to 5,000 ml. The CNO has an average annual production capacity of about 5,000,000 million litres of extra virgin olive oil, with a certificate of origin, which can be packaged in plants with an average capacity of 800 to 5,000 bottles / hour.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows, thanks to applications easily downloadable, to immediately recognize images and objects through the camera of a smartphone or a tablet. By means of the function of automatic recognition of the lot code printed on the label a consumer can access information about a purchased product through an interactive multimedia experience.


Discover the new features of the Terre del Sole EVO oil through augmented reality: frame or write the lot code present on the back label of the bottle and discover the identity of your favourite oil.



Nutritional values

The peculiar characteristics of extra virgin olive oil derive from several factors: the variety of olive, the land and farming systems, the stage of ripeness of the olives at the time of collection, the extraction systems involved and the storage.
Olive oil is composed mainly of oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid present in a percentage varying from 55 to 83%, and contains small amounts of saturated fat. A diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids appears to play a decisive role in reducing cardiovascular disease. The olive oil is also a source of essential fatty acids that the human body is unable to synthesize, and which must be taken with food. These are excellent reasons to prefer olive oil to other fats and there are many others. A fraction of the composition of extra virgin olive oil (1.2%) is made of compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor which also have a beneficial effect on our health and make this product different from any other vegetable oil. Polyphenols, for example, are powerful antioxidants that give the taste of extra virgin olive oil bitter and spicy notes. These compounds have positive effects on the circulatory system, protect the heart and help you prepare healthy foods, as well as lengthen the shelf life of the product. In addition to polyphenols, another molecule, the Oleocanthal, has renowned anti-inflammatory properties. The extra virgin olive oil is also a rich source of vitamins E, K, and has positive effects on the digestive system in general.


Additional properties of olive oil

For thousands of years olive oil has been widely used in personal care. It has soothing and softening effects on the skin that are universally recognized. It is used today more and more in the defense of the skin from aging and the cold, in the prevention of hair loss, irritation of the scalp and in the treatment of dandruff.

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